Purpose And Possibility In Your Work with Richard Leider

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What are your gifts? How can you best serve? What are you here to do and be in this life? Richard Leider has helped individuals, leaders and teams answer these questions and discover the power of purpose in their lives. He has worked with many Fortune 500 companies to help them understand the changing role of employers and employees, and how to develop the most creative, innovative organizations possible. "There is an inner-directed revolution afoot right now. At the very same time that leaders are needing to tap the natural productivity of the workforce, people in the workforce are having to look more at themselves as sole proprietors of their own career. The dialogue that is going on within corporations today is truly profound." (hosted by Michael Toms)


Richard Leider is a career counselor, the founder and Chairman of the Inventure Group, a coaching and consulting firm in Minneapolis, MN.

His books include:

  • Repacking Your Bags: Lighten Your Load for the Rest of Your Life (coauthor David Shapiro) (2nd edition, Berrett-Koehler 2002)
  • Claiming Your Place At the Fire: Living the Second Half of Your Life On Purpose (Berrett-Koehler 2004)
  • Whistle While You Work: Heeding Your Life's Calling (Berrett-Koehler 2001)
  • Something To Live For: Finding Your Way in the Second Half of Life (Berrett-Koehler 2008)

To learn more about the work of Richard Leider go to www.inventuregroup.com.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How to live authentically and with passion
  • A formula for success in today's workplace
  • How to find what pulls you (instead of pushes you) out of bed in the morning
  • How to discover your purpose
  • Important questions for each major turn of your life
  • The importance of solitude
  • What you can do about "Monday morning"
  • Three phases that corporate America has recently experienced
  • Understanding the changing role of employees in today's workplace
Host: Michael Toms       Interview Date: 11/3/1997       Program Number: 2676