What Has Been Learned with Michael Toms and Justine Willis Toms

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Physicist and former president of Oberlin College, Bob Fuller, with writer Alia Johnson, personal friends of Justine and Michael, turn the tables on the co-founders of New Dimensions Foundation and Radio by interviewing them. After in-depth conversations and programs with hundreds of "cutting-edge" personalities, what have the Tomses learned in the process? What motivates them? What are their thoughts about the personal growth and human potential movement that they have observed for so many years? An interesting and provocative story unfolds.


Michael and Justine Willis Toms are co-founders of New Dimensions Radio and co-authors of True Work: Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do (Bell Tower 1998) 

Host: Robert Fuller, Ph.D. & Alia Johnson     Interview Date: 3/18/1978       Program number: 1259