The Lived Experience with Peter Baumann

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Peter Baumann began his career as a member of the internationally acclaimed 1970s band Tangerine Dream and later founded the Private Music record label. Instead of being derailed by fame and fortune, he asked himself this in his late forties: "Given that I probably have about ten thousand days left on the planet, how can I use this time in the most meaningful and useful way possible?" To address this question, Baumann assembled a top-notch interdisciplinary think-tank, the San Francisco-based Baumann Foundation. He serves as a trustee of the California Institute of Integral Studies and as a fellow at the Mind & Life Institute.

He's the co-author with Michael W. Taft of:

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Host: Michael Toms     Interview Date: 11/16/2011     Program Number: C0222

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Finding Freedom Beyond Ego Identification with Peter Baumann