Giving Permission to Be Your Magnificent Self with Regina Louise

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 Regina Louise is a teacher and coach on advocacy work. Her memoir was featured in a Lifetime movie, I Am Somebody’s Child. She’s a Hoffman Process teacher.

 Regina Louise is the author of two memoirs:

  • Somebody’s Someone: A Memoir (Agate Bolden 2008)
  • Someone Has Led This Child To Believe: A Memoir (Agate Bolden 2018)

And the author of:

  • Permission Granted: Kick-Ass Strategies to Bootstrap Your Way to Unconditional Self-Love (New World Library 2021)

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and on instagram @therealreginalouise 

Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 7/19/2021   Program Number: C0534

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A full one-hour Flagship program on this subject is available for purchase and download:

Choosing To Be Our Own Authority In Our Lives with Regina Louise