The Eternal Feminine with Marion Woodman, Ph.D.

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For both men and women, this dialogue offers tremendous insights into who we are and what we need. In fairy tales, Woodman explains, the hero needs a container in which to bring the hard-won treasure home, or else it may be lost or stolen. She tells us that container is the "eternal feminine" quality of being receptive instead of fearing and trying to control. To be mature and able to love we must feel cherished instead of judged--by our own selves if not originally by our parents. This creates the safe container that allows us to receive the riches of life. "To dare to put out your own pain, your own honest anger, whatever the emotion is," Woodman says, "releases you into a new maturity, and everyone around you who is strong enough to take it is released into a new maturity." She discusses addiction, the divine child, the Black Madonna, the crone and more. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Marion Woodman, Ph.D. (1928-2018) was a Jungian analyst, an internationally known lecturer and workshop leader, and author of many books.

Her books include:

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • Who was Karl Jung and what was his relationship with Freud
  • What makes a good teacher
  • What is addiction
  • How may we truly be of support to one another
  • How do the Virgin Mary and Black Madonna differ
  • How Woodman was healed in the lobby of a hotel in India
  • What is crone energy
  • Why storytelling is at the heart of life
  • How being able to receive relates to the eternal feminine
Host: Michael Toms       Interview Date: 4/27/1993        Program Number: 2380