Six Kinds Of Love with Allan G. Hunter

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It has been said that we spend our lifetimes learning how to love. Allan Hunter agrees, and he's identified six archetypes that define the stages we go through as we explore the many ways of loving others, our world, and ourselves. He uses the stories and heroes from humanity's great literature to bring the stages to life, and explains, "We can only really fight for something if we love it, otherwise we wouldn't put our whole heart into it. And we can't truly love something unless it's worth fighting for. Each of us has to come to an understanding of when it is necessary to be forceful and strong and risk everything, and when it is much more useful to be compassionate and loving." It's a fascinating dialogue in which you'll find many "ah-ha" moments that bring light to your own evolving relationships to the people, places, and work you love. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Allan G. Hunter, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in English literature from Oxford University, and counts a lifetime of travel as his own educational pilgrimage. He has a counseling practice based on therapeutic writing, and is a professor of literature at Curry College in Massachusetts.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How can you ever be completely free of addiction
  • How you can be both a warrior and a lover
  • What two elements are key to every kind of love
  • Why fear is an antidote to love-and vice versa
  • How you can nurture your own ability to bring magic to every encounter
Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 4/23/2008      Program Number: 3257