Reincarnation and Hypnotic Recall with Helen Wambach, Ph.D.

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As a trained psychologist, Helen Wambach (1925-1986) has worked with thousands of clients using hypnotic techniques for past-life regression. She speaks with authority about the nature of the phenomenon and its relevance to everyday life. This is an engrossing and remarkable account of a most unusual and provocative experience, the reliving of past lives.


Helen Wambach, Ph.D. originally was an innovative therapist for disturbed adolescent girls. When she inadvertently confronted some of her own past lives, she changed direction and became one of the first great researchers in past and future lives. She tabulated details from hundreds of subjects in specific time periods and also explored pre- and peri-natal experiences. She was a Founding and Honorary Member of The Association of Pastlives Regression Therapy. Her death in August, 1986 was a deep loss to the Society.

Helen Wambach was the author of:

  • Reliving Past Lives: The Evidence Under Hypnosis (Barnes & Noble Books; Second Printing 2000)
  • Life Before Life (Bantam 1979)

Host: Michael Toms & Anna Turner    Interview Date: 8/4/1976       Program number: 1105