Beyond The Physical—The Greater Reality With Dan Drasin

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Here we explore demonstrated scientific findings of the continuity of human consciousness beyond the physical body. Many scientists posit that consciousness resides in the material brain, but Drasin explores the afterlife in what is now emerging, in some branches of science, as post-materialism. These include messages from the “other side” that show up in electronic devices – sound recorders, television sets and computer screens. There is a gap between what we can know through our physical senses and what is going on beyond them. Drasin describes how language acts as a filter in how we perceive the world. He says, “Language affects our perceptions and tends to reflect back to us our own cultural norms and presuppositions. I don't know if there's any way to avoid that but I think being conscious of it is helpful.” He goes on with the comparison that the “greater reality” of consciousness might be analogous to an ocean and the soul is analogous to a surfer’s wave that has form and endurance but is not separate from the ocean. This gets us into the question of separation vs. distinction which leads to one of the great semantic issues of this entire field. This deep dialogue points out how we are surrounded by life beyond the physical. Matter vibrates at a lower frequency, thus we are able to perceive it with our senses. However, there is much that is constantly going on beyond the range of our ordinary senses. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms) 


Dan Drasin is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and has been a photographer and media producer for more than six decades. He’s also the Operations Manager of New Dimensions and the announcer whose voice you hear on each program. His short 1961 documentary film titled Sunday was widely acknowledged as the first social-protest film of the 1960s and is part of the permanent film collection at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Since the early 1990s, Drasin has been actively investigating the field of afterlife communication through traditional mental and physical mediumship, as well as modern electronics as featured in his documentary film, Calling Earth

Dan Drasin is the author of: 

  • A New Science of the Afterlife: Space, Time, and the Consciousness Code (Park Street Press 2023) 

To learn more about the work of Dan Drasin go to 

Topics explored in this dialogue include: 

  • The early impetus for Drasin’s interest in the scientific study of so-called paranormal events
  • The bias of scientific materialism
  • The research that shows why consciousness is not created by the brain
  • How the Matrix films present, in a dramatic way, that there may be multiple frameworks of reality
  • How consciousness cannot be reduced to “parts” or “particles”
  • How language filters how we see our world
  • How a new frontier of science is now beginning to address questions about the nature of reality and consciousness
  • The difference between genuine skeptics and pseudo-skeptics
  • Why Drasin is skeptical about the validity of the term afterlife and feels it may be misleading
  • Where life is located beyond physical life
  • What research tells us about “Instrumental Trans-Communication”
  • Some advice on how we can do our own research in contacting someone who has died 

Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 5/5/2023   Program Number: 3789

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