Looking Deeply At Our Relationship With Money with Vicki Robin

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You've worked hard all these years, believing you were working to support yourself, your family, your future. But in reality, Vicki Robin tells us, the current economic crisis makes it clear that most of us have been working to support the economic system - a system that is now in a downward spiral. If you've been living the American dream, with all the toys and amenities it has to offer, but suddenly find that the rules seem to be changing, Ms. Robin can point the way to a new paradigm that works in any economy. She'll show you how to assess the true value of your income and your expenses, but especially your time - because in the end, that's what matters most. She explains, "We're all on this little conveyor belt from birth to death. In the middle we're having this grand old time, but there's an end to it. The fact is that money isn't some endless thing, it is a representation of your hours on earth that are not that many, and everything you care about has to fit in there. If you only have this much time in your life, where do you want to invest yourself?" In this interview you'll learn which questions you can ask to discover how to invest your precious time to gain the greatest returns in pleasure, joy, and true happiness. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Vicki Robin has been a pioneer at the forefront of the sustainable living movement. She has helped launch many sustainability initiatives including: The New Road Map Foundation, The Simplicity Forum, The Turning Tide Coalition, Sustainable Seattle, The Center for a New American Dream, Transition Whidbey, and more. In the 1990’s she served on the President’s Council on Sustainable Development’s Task Force on Population and Consumption. For fun, Vicki is a comedy improv actress, appearing frequently with her troupe, Comedy Island.

Her books include:

To learn more about Vicki Robin’s work go to www.vickirobin.com.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • Why your life is based largely on a background reality that doesn't exist
  • How many hours of your life you spend to have your morning latte
  • How much money you could save if you quit your job
  • How you can discover which expenses bring the most value to your life
  • Why your hourly income may be worth only a fraction of what you think it is
Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 2/16/2009       Program Number: 3300