Changing Our System Of Land Ownership with Martin Adams

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Most people aspire to become property owners and view real estate investments as an important way to build wealth and security. Mortgages are the norm. But does this system truly serve the well-being of either the economy or the individual? Martin Adams shares a view that profiting from land ownership causes social and cultural decline as well as environmental devastation. He introduces a radically new economic model that points to a more fair and abundant reality for everyone. He says this about mortgages, “As long as it remains an ongoing reality for the majority of human beings to have to pay other human beings for the land that they’re standing on, the economic system will forever cause wealth inequality at a core level.” Tune into this dynamic dialogue in order to fully understand his vision of a more equitable economic system that takes banks out of the picture and puts community in the center of economic of wealth and prosperity. (hosted by Molly Rowan Leach)


Martin Adams is a social innovator, systems thinker, and community organizer. He has been on a lifelong quest to create a fair and sustainable world in collaboration with others. Through his non-profit work, he saw firsthand the extent to which our economic system causes human and ecological strife. Consequently, Adams has devoted himself to the implementation of a new economic paradigm that allows humanity to thrive in harmony with nature.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What is the difference between value-added economic activities and extractive economic activities
  • What is an economy based on meritocracy
  • What is economic rent
  • How can we come back to the value that everyone deserves a shelter
  • Our debt slavery society, where we pay a far-away entity for land
  • How land value can replace taxes by paying rent on land to the local community
  • What is universal basic income
  • What is a community land trust
  • The next economic crash and how it will help us to reevaluate our economic system
  • Who was Peace Pilgrim

Host: Molly Rowan Leach   Interview Date: 1/22/2016   Program Number: 3571

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Artist: R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman
2013 Canyon Records #CR-7108

Opening Essay: Track 02 Kindling the Essence
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Music Break 2: Track 02 Kindling the Essence (reprise)
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