Investing In Spiritual Abundance with Ernest D. Chu

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So many of us seem to be drowning in money issues. It's easy to let financial concerns begin to define our days, and become the critical factor in every choice we make. But Ernest Chu reminds us that money is just a symbol of the way energy flows into and out of our lives. Even in the worst of economic times, it can be the catalyst that brings us back to our core values and reminds us who we really are. He explains, "You are here to rediscover the importance and the power of love, and to connect to something larger in the world. It might mean that you have to go through some difficult times to understand that you are surrounded by really good flow. So when you put attention toward your finances, you're also putting attention toward what's good for you in your life. When you do that, and you're grateful for things that are happening, then all of a sudden more comes. It's about the consciousness being created through you, as a result of your being alive." (hosted by Michael Toms)


Ernest Chu has been an investment banker, a writer, an entrepreneur, a minister, and a workshop leader, has a deep understanding of Eastern philosophy, and was once a million dollars in debt. He has advised some of America's best-managed companies, and directly funded nearly one hundred emerging growth companies. He is an ordained pastor at the Center for Spiritual Living in Fort Lauderdale, and has led workshops on the Metaphysics of Spiritual Abundance in more than seventy spiritual centers in twenty states. 

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • Why you may find it more difficult to receive than to give
  • How you can begin to enter the flow of prosperity with one easy step
  • Why starting your own business may be no riskier than a good corporate job
  • How you can discover your unique gifts - the ones the world will pay dearly for
  • How it's all about love
Host: Michael Toms           Interview Date: 12/5/2009           Program Number: 3333