Evolving Spirituality with Ken Wilber

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For thousands of years, religion and spirituality have been the cornerstones of humanity's search for meaning. Who are we? Why are we here? How should we live our lives? What is truly important? In our quest for answers to these perennial questions, we have turned first and foremost to the great wisdom traditions of the world. Yet, in modern times, these great traditions, and the very notion of spirituality itself, have come under fierce attack by some of our most respected intellectual institutions. In both the sciences and the humanities, religion and its claims to Absolute Truth have been widely rejected as nothing more than cultural artifacts. Can religion and spirituality continue to play a meaningful role in our increasingly complex, scientifically enlightened world? Will spirit ever regain legitimacy in the eyes of the academy? Do we need to evolve our understanding of Spirit in light of recent scientific and philosophical insights? And, if so, how much of what we once called the Sacred will remain? Is God evolving along with the rest of the Cosmos? These are some of the questions explored in this dialogue on "Integral Spirituality" with today's leading integral philosopher, Ken Wilber. (hosted by Craig Hamilton)


Ken Wilber is the world's leading "Integral Philosopher." He is the author of over 20 books on consciousness, spirituality, science, psychology, and what he has come to call "integral philosophy." His books include such celebrated works as The Spectrum of Consciousness, Grace and Grit, A Brief History of Everything, The Marriage of Sense and Soul, and Integral Spirituality. Ken is also the founder of Integral Institute, a visionary think-tank for studying issues of science and society, Integral Naked, an online multimedia portal exploring integral consciousness, and Integral University, an accredited online learning center featuring courses from today's leading integral thinkers.

To learn more about the work of Ken Wilber go to www.kenwilber.com.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What an all-inclusive or "integral" spirituality looks like
  • What spirituality and psychology can learn from each other
  • How spirituality has evolved over time
  • Why spiritual experience doesn't necessarily lead to transformation
  • Why a truly integral spiritual path needs to include all "3 Faces of God"
Host: Craig Hamilton      Interview Date: 11/26/2006      Program Number: 3198