Doing What You Love And Making Money Too! with Nancy Anderson

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Making a living while following one's bliss is too often seen as an impossible dream, too idealistic and pragmatically unattainable. Not so, according to Nancy Anderson, who provides a wealth of wisdom and myriad ways to discover your passion and follow your heart to a financially and personally rewarding career. She emphasizes the need to choose work that you love in order to lead a fully productive, integrated life--a life filled with happiness and satisfaction. Indeed, it may be difficult to really be happy if you don't love what you do, according to Anderson. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Nancy Anderson is the author of:

  • Work with Passion: How To Do What You Love for a Living (New World Library 2004)

Host: Michael Toms              Interview Date: 2/19/1985             Program Number: 1922