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What really happens after you die? Will you walk through a tunnel toward a white light? Will you be joined by Jesus? Or Krishna? Will you be reincarnated? Everyone has an opinion about the afterlife, but most conclude we'll never really know for sure. Or will we? Recent studies have produced some hard data that reveal some intriguing clues about life's greatest mystery. What Is Enlightenment? editor Carter Phipps draws on his article "Death, Rebirth, and Everything in Between" to share fascinating details of what you can look forward to-and how the "afterlife" is part of your reality even now. He explains, "We're multidimensional beings, and we're connected to reality on many different levels. The physical reality is one part of that. But we can become aware of these other dimensions." He identifies experiences you've already had that suggest a connection to the nonphysical world, and explains how the way you live may not send you to heaven or hell, but it could have a lot to do with how you experience the afterlife, and even how you experience the moment of death. Still, there are more questions than answers, and Carter Phipps' fascination with the possibilities will open a host of new dimensions for you to contemplate.


Carter Phipps is an author, journalist and leading voice in an emerging field of evolutionary spirituality. He serves as a former executive editor of Enlighten Next Magazine and has been at the forefront of contemporary spiritual, philosophical and cultural discourse. His writings have played a key role in making important new thinking accessible to a wider audience.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How what you are doing right now may affect your afterlife
  • What is reincarnation and does it matter
  • Why the spiritual realm may be evolving just as the physical world is
  • How the culture you live in affects your experience of life after death
  • Why clairvoyance may not necessarily be a spiritual experience
Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 7/21/2006      Program Number: 3164