Beyond Our Cultural Props with Reverend Barbara Leger

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Barbara Leger is a Science of Mind Minister, and has established the TEMENOS: Center for Self Realization in Cherkasy, Ukraine. The TEMENOS Center sponsors an annual New Thought conference on the Black Sea coast of Crimea, Ukraine. She arrived in Ukraine on Sept 11th, 2001, and as of 2008, the center has over 200 students in accredited classes in 3 locations plus many others attending workshops, lectures and social programs. She has worked with business leaders, youth, and Science of Mind communities. Entering the grandmother phase of her life with a fever of joy and energy, Leger is dedicated to the emergence of a world that works for all (part of the larger Science of Mind vision) and the vision of humanity's growth and well being based on cooperation and harmony.

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Host: Justine Willis Toms         Interview Date: 4/4/2008        Program Number: C0055

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