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What are you longing for in your life? What are your discontents? The answer to these questions is the path to finding your dream. Once you define your dream, Mary Morrissey says, “How you feel about the realities of your life and what you do about them is completely unlimited by the power within you. Your future isn’t determined by your facts, just as your destiny isn’t determined by your history.” As your dreams become a reality, you begin to recognize that your thoughts determine your experiences, “not the circumstances, but the experience of those circumstances.” Most significantly, you realize that building the dream is not the end result. “The end result is who you find yourself to be along the way.” (hosted by Michael Toms)


Mary Morrissey is the founder and owner of the Life Mastery Institute. She’s the Co-Founder and the first President to the Association for Global New Thought. While Mary holds some significant degrees and achievements in higher learning, she says her two most important degrees are the two black belts she has earned: one in success and the other in failure. She's the author of:

To learn more about the work of Mary Morrissey go to www.marymorrissey.com.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How to find your dream
  • How to increase abundance in your life
  • The five essential questions to ask before you commit to your dream
  • How to find meaning in your setbacks and failures
  • Morrissey’s personal medical miracle
  • How to move through fear and resistance to reach your dreams
  • The four levels of soul progression
  • How gratitude increases your sense of worthiness
  • An introduction to the new American church and the “New Thought” movement

Host: Michael Toms           Interview Date:    5/19/1998       Program Number: 2708

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