The Inner Voice with Dorothy Fadiman

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Some call it intuition, the spark of imagination, or inner knowing; others don’t believe it exists at all, except as a mental aberration. By whatever name, this hidden flame within has burned in many human hearts down through the ages: Socrates, Jesus, Rumi, St. Theresa, Joan of Arc, William James, Carl Jung and countless others, famous and unknown alike. In this conversation with filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman, she openly shares her experience of the voice within, and how her life and work have been profoundly influenced by her inner dialogue. The relevant message here is to listen carefully and allow the personal inner voice to emerge. Includes a poignant reading of George Washington’s vision of the future of the United States, which he had during the winter of 1777 at Valley Forge. (hosted by Michael Toms) 


Dorothy Fadiman began making films in 1976, and is the recipient of more than fifty awards and honors, including an Oscar nomination and an Emmy for films in her abortion trilogy, From Back Alleys to the Supreme Court & Beyond. Her work has been shown around the world, and nationwide on PBS television. Other films include Woman by Woman: New Hope for the Villages of India, Seeds of Hope: Meeting the Challenges of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia, and Stealing America: Vote by Vote.

Ms. Fadiman is co-author with Tony Levelle of the book:

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Host: Michael Toms                        Interview Date: 4/9/1985            Program Number: 1934