The Wonder Of Mysticism with Wilson Van Dusen

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"Some might ask, 'Don't all people experience God?' And I would answer yes, but many are not aware of it. The mystic is aware of it." These are the words of Wilson Van Dusen, Ph.D., (1942–2007) an elder who was chief psychologist at Mendocino State Hospital and is a Swedenborg scholar. He is highly esteemed for his innovative work with the mentally ill. Though he considers himself a scientist, Van Dusen approaches reality from the standpoint of multi-leveled mysticism through an empiricist's eyes. He has spent a lifetime in the exploration of spirit. Van Dusen opens up the realm of mystical experience to all by sharing from his own personal experience in a simple, authentic style. Whether he is discussing his unique, out-of-the-ordinary techniques with the mentally ill, the 19th century mystic Emanuel Swedenborg's belief of heaven and hell, his own LSD experiences, or his future writing plans, Van Dusen's eloquence and exuberant passion shine through. "My love of life is to explore mysticism and explore other mystics and make discoveries and then report them back to others - That is my task and that is what I love doing." (hosted by Michael Toms)


Van Dusen is the author of:

  • The Presence of Other Worlds (Chrysalis Books 1994)
  • Testimony to the Invisible: Essays on Swedenborg (Chrysalis Books 1995)
  • Beauty, Wonder, and The Mystical World (Chrysalis 1999) 

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What you can do in this life to create the heaven or hell you are bound for
  • How to sense if your true nature is that of a mystic
  • Inspiring stories of progress in working with the mentally ill
  • Why experience is everything
  • Hear Van Dusen's heart-tugging story of the "Gift of Tears" and how it affects his daily life
Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 1/25/2001      Program Number: 2855