The Immense Intelligence Of Cosmic Consciousness with Ricardo Horacio Stocker, Ph.D.

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An awakening is taking place planet-wide and it is a channeling of healing, peace, and higher consciousness. Stocker suggests that we are not alone in this evolution of awareness. He states that there are the two kinds of intelligences - horizontal and vertical. He explains, “In today’s world we are flooded with information of all kinds . . .it’s surface information flow and can be very useful. That’s the horizontal intelligence. The vertical intelligence is when you are in touch with yourself, your body, but also your spirit. The depth and the height of your own being is where you are connected with the universe. That’s what the mystics do.” He goes on to point out that each one of us is divinely designed toward love. He calls this “holy electricity” and shares with us ways to activate this potential. He goes on to say, “We are in contact with great cosmic immensities and cosmic intelligence.” He likens this to singing in a choir, joined by many souls harmonizing, praying, and meditating. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms) 


Ricardo Stocker, Ph.D. grew up in Argentina, moved to Europe when he was 25 years old and now lives in California. He studied at Emerson College in England, Prescott College in Arizona, and at the Saybrook University in Oakland, CA. He’s a counselor, homesteader, musician, and professor of Psychology and Communication at Mendocino College. 

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • Why consciousness is more than electrochemistry of the brain
  • What is the fallacy of “mono thinking”- that there is only one answer and things are fixed and static
  • Why impermanence makes anything possible including miracles
  • What is the difference between horizontal intelligence and vertical intelligence
  • What was Stocker’s experience with his guardian angel when he had a heart attack
  • How collective consciousness is awakening and experiencing a thinning of the veils separating the physical world from the ethereal world
  • What does Stocker mean by cosmic consciousness (AKA kosmic consciousness)
  • What is meant by Ralph Waldon Emerson’s quote “We lie in the lap of immense intelligence”
  • How awakening consciousness is an evolutionary spiral rather than a vicious circle
  • What is the difference between the animals and humans
  • Why the powers of light are more powerful than dark forces
  • Why he calls being at home in our own beingness and body ”our homework”
  • What are the sacred statistics that show every single day millions are waking up
  • Why silence is an antidote to emotional noise and psychic turbulence
  • How we can trust the heart as a truth detector
  • What does Stoker mean when he says we are living in an exuberant universe 

Host: Justine Willis Toms        Interview Date: 1/20/2018        Program Number: 3634

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From Album: Wave Hands Like Clouds
Artist: Buedi Siebert
2004 Real Music #4050 

Opening Essay: Track 02 Life Breath
Music Break 1: Track 04 Building Chi
Music Break 2: Track 02 Life Breath (reprise)
Music Break 3: Track 12 Oneness