Spreading the Positive Virus of Kindness with Lindsay Andreotti

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Are you One-of-a-Kindness™? This is the trademarked phrase of the newly formed Kindness Club. We’ve all heard the often-quoted aphorism: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” (Elbert Hubbard). We can all attest to the fact that, in these most challenging of times, it is raining lemons. Lindsay Andreotti suggests that kindness is an antidote to dodging this bitter downpour. Rather than focusing on chaos and discord she has made the conscious intention to look for acts of kindness. She reports, “I started paying attention to what was good and what I was grateful for… I said, ‘okay, I'm not going to look as if everything is bad and wrong and the world's coming undone… I'm going to look for some kindness.’” This effort has turned into The Kindness Club which is helping spread kindness like a positive virus for everyone to catch. She shares with us a broad idea of kindness beyond “being nice” and compromising our own integrity or our insights on truth. Sometimes telling the truth is a kindness. She also gives us advice as to how to meet a stranger and how to notice kindness in our everyday lives. She understands that there is way more kindness happening on a day-to-day basis than there is drama, negativity, and darkness. And one of the strongest forms of kindness is to be a good listener. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Lindsay Andreotti is the founder of several companies and has held leadership positions in small and large organizations, including government, nonprofit and Fortune 500 companies. For many years she served as an organizational development coach, business transformation consultant, and executive coach. She believes that when you are authentic and in your brilliance, you can achieve anything. And she's the founder and host of The Kindness Club.

She's the author (with co-author, Brian Hilgendorf) of: 

  • Sex, Intimacy and Business: A Revolution Has Begun And It's Time To Get Undressed (Brilliance Press 2005) 

To learn more about the work of go to www.imaginalventures.org

Topics explored in this dialogue include: 

  • How her mother was an inspiration to Lindsay in focusing on kindness
  • How we must debunk the misunderstanding of just what kindness is
  • When we tell the truth with kindness we must let go of attaching ourselves to the outcome
  • Kindness must start with being kind to ourselves
  • What is the Surrender Experiment as created by Michael Singer
  • Who and what are “the imaginals”
  • What does Lindsay report from her “Kindness Across America Tour” with her dad and her dog
  • How the intention of noticing kindness will expand your lens in being able to see it when it shows up
  • What are kindness coins
  • What is the culture of kindness that Lindsay is promoting
  • Why life is much more interesting when we are open to people who are different from ourselves
  • What is Lindsay’s advice on how to meet strangers 

Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 9/5/2022   Program Number: 3770 

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Artist: Buedi Siebert
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Opening Essay: Track 01 From the Distance & 02 Life Breath
Music Break 1: Track 02 Life Breath (continued)
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