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As a young man Hale Dwoskin discovered a man with a remarkable history. Given two weeks to live by his doctors, Lester Levenson intuited a way to let go of all limitations. He lived forty more years. Levenson's techniques became known as The Sedona MethodTM and Dwoskin realized the dissemination of these methods was his life's work. The Sedona MethodTM is a simple and effective process that shows us how to tap our natural ability to let go of that which prevents us from being fully present in our lives. Often our feelings and emotions cause great pain and frustration. Dwoskin says, "The only reason we want to understand or figure out any particular problem is simply because we are planning to have it again. When you let go of wanting to understand it, wanting to figure it out, what happens is the intuitive knowingness that's always at your core can shine through more and more. That's where your answers come from. They come from inside of you." (hosted by Justine Willis Toms and Michael Toms)


Hale Dwoskin is the CEO and Director of Sedona Training AssociatesTM. For twenty-five years he has taught the Sedona Method to individuals and organizations.

He is the co-author of:

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What is the biggest mistake we all make in our pursuit of happiness
  • What is the problem with positive thinking
  • How to let go of barriers that block you from achieving your worthy aspirations and desires
  • Why all problems can be solved by letting go
  • What questions lead us to letting go of emotional distress or releasing pain
Host: Justine & Michael Toms      Interview Date: 7/23/2007      Program Number: 3209