Spiral Into Life with Jean Houston

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This is an enthralling and intriguing conversation with the visionary philosopher Jean Houston, who serves as director of the Foundation for Mind Research in Pomona, New York. She provides considerable insight on ways to fulfill our potential, as well as describing the opportunity on the other side of the problem. (hosted by Michael Toms) 


Jean Houston is a visionary thinker, teacher, and philosopher who pioneered the Human Potential Movement and established the Social Artistry leadership model that she used in her work with the United Nations Development Programme.

She is the author of nearly thirty books, including:

To learn more about the work of Jean Houston go to www.jeanhouston.com.

Topics Explored in this dialogue include:

  • What is the history of Houston’s education that led her to explore the depths of human self
  • How the “old story” of humankind is no longer working well
  • Why personal problems are looked on as a problems rather than as a need for process
  • What is the importance of a rite of passage
  • How to use systems of body-mind integration through movement
  • How Margaret Meade used an enormous sensory base to experience the kaleidoscope of reality
  • Why movement is so important in early childhood
  • Why we are now in the fifth stage of civilization that encompasses the breadth and depth of life, the inward and the outward focus
  • Why this is a time of the elder
  • Why the new hero/heroine is nurturing new styles of being in the world rather than fighting dragons
  • What did she learn from meeting Aldous Huxley
  • How our perception of reality is viewed through our particular lens
  • How St. Francis of Assisi and Sister Theresa of Avila would bring back from states of unity a sense of patterning of the whole
  • How science fiction is a very good gauge of culture and contributes to the meta-levels of the new theology  

Host: Michael Toms                        Interview Date: 6/1/1981            Program Number: 1616