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Executives can spend hours in daily meetings to ensure the success of a company. What if that commitment can be applied to your own success, but with much more ease? As a founder of many business endeavors, May McCarthy works with various heads of departments such as Chief Information Officers or Chief Financial Officers. She meets with these “C-suite” executives daily. Through the years as she strengthened her spiritual practice, she’s realized there is a divine intelligence that has been guiding her. This universal power strengthens her intuition, gives her signs and messages, and supports her gut decisions. At some point she decided to give this personal guide the title of Chief Spiritual Officer, or CSO for short. It is the job of her CSO to make her goals a reality and she tells us how this advisor can be more effective than a team of executives. “I decided that I would meet every single day with my CSO because clearly divine intelligence, this all-knowing universal power, has much greater advice for me than any human being could have.” You can use the daily practice for any goal, she says, such as gaining more wealth or achieving a healthy body. McCarthy emphasizes the importance of persistence in the face of doubt, and the power of the daily practice. “If we’re creating a new belief and a new behavior, it’s like walking through a field with knee high grass. I could walk through it once and you would never see that I walked through that field. But if I walk the same path every single day eventually you’re going to notice a well-worn path…As we repeat this every single day, we are training our brain to believe that we’re serious about it.” This works just the same as the law of attraction that many are familiar with, but with step-by-step actions to take. It starts with asking for what you want and feeling grateful for it as though it is already a reality. She explains why gratitude is so crucial to this practice. “I find that when we’re using gratitude statements for what we want but wording it as though it’s already completed, as though we already have it, our subconscious and intuition go on high alert to help us notice more possibilities sooner.” Messages or opportunities to take action will begin to present themselves. Paying attention and acting on these messages will lead you closer and closer to your goal, McCarthy explains. “Your job is to figure out what it is that you want, be grateful for receiving it in advance. The CSO’s job is to create the path for you, and to give you one step to take at a time along the path to get there.” (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


May McCarthy has co-founded and grown six successful companies over her thirty-year career, with the largest growing to over $100 million in annual revenues. She is a successful entrepreneur, CEO, angel investor, and philanthropist.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What is a CSO (Chief Spiritual Officer)
  • Why should you meet with your CSO daily
  • How can this daily practice help you achieve your goals
  • What is the CSO’s job description
  • What are your responsibilities throughout this process
  • What are some strategies to handle doubts and fears
  • How can denial help you strengthen positive intentions
  • Why it is important to give AND receive
  • Why it is important to express gratitude
  • How do we create new beliefs
  • What are some examples of mantras that contribute to your success
  • What are some examples of “leads” from our CSO

Host: Justine Willis Toms        Interview Date: 7/3/2016       Program Number: 3589

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