Living the Mystical with Brother Wayne Teasdale

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Sit back and let Christian monk, the late, Brother Wayne Teasdale enlighten your understanding of the deep heart within the world's religions. An initiate of Benedictine monk, Father Bede Griffiths, who lived in India for four decades, and the way of Sannyasa, Teasdale was also a Christian monk. He calls for an "interspiritual age" in which we "drink from the well of wisdom" the great religions can provide. In this insightful dialogue, Teasdale tracks the enormous spiritual resources to be found in both Eastern and Western mystical traditions, and along the way shares experiences about his remarkably active yet contemplative religious life, touching on Thomas Merton, Father Bede Griffiths, Jesus, Buddha, Vatican II, Rumi, the nature of freedom, political and social action, and divine destiny. Here is a lively and intriguing spiritual exploration in the tradition of great arm-chair dialogues, one that centers on an "inclusive, cross-cultural religion that is really beyond religion because the divine is beyond religion." (hosted by Michael Toms)


Brother Wayne Teasdale (1945-2004) had a doctorate in theology from Fordham University, and served on the Board of Trustees of The Parliament of World Religions. He was an adjunct professor at De Paul University, Columbia College and the Catholic Theological Union and Coordinator of the Bede Griffiths International Trust.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What most "clutters" our relationship with the divine
  • The feminine "genius" for spirituality
  • The difference between the concept and the nature of God
  • How contemplation clarifies social action--and vice versa
  • Why religions become "cultures of isolation"
  • How Buddhism cross-fertilized with early Christianity
  • How to reconcile the compassion of Buddhism with the social action of Christianity
  • The one thing simplicity can't do without
  • The three great dimensions of mysticism
Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 10/30/1999      Program Number: 2802