Seeing With One Eye: Western Zen With Douglas Harding

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Raised as a fundamentalist with a strict Puritanical upbringing in England, Harding was compelled to seek a different and more personally relevant solution to the questions "What is life about?" and "Why am I here?" Trained as a professional architect, his search led him eventually to discover a new clarity and zest for living, which he shares openly and simply. Though Harding's approach may appear simplistic on first hearing, it is utterly profound and challenging to the core. In his mid-seventies at the time of this interview, he speaks with the wisdom of age and the energy of youth. One can almost hear the twinkle in his eye.


Douglas Harding (1909 - 2007) was an English philosophical writer, mystic, spiritual teacher and author of a number of books.

He is the author of:

  • On Having No Head: Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious (Arkana 1986)
  • The Little Book of Life and Death (Arkana 1988)
  • Face to No-Face: Rediscovering Our Original Nature Paperback (Inner Directions Pub; First Edition 2000)

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Host: Michael Toms            Interview date: 2/7/1985                  Program Number: 1924