Living The Creative Life with M.C. Richards

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The late M. C. Richards was a 20th-century Renaissance woman, a passionate thinker, multi-talented artist and wise elder. Here, she talks about community, creativity and centering, and how these qualities have become undervalued in our society: "We have not been educated to social imagination or compassion or to artistic creativity; we have been educated to conformity and competitiveness." A teacher, poet, painter, writer and potter, Richards has never lacked imagination, which she defines as "singing to a wide invisible audience." Her wisdom flows from an intensity, an honesty and a tenderness we don't often find in this world. She is awake to the most important issues of our time: the need for true community, the value of continuous learning and the truth of seeing spirit in all realms. Richards will open your spirit-hungry heart and inspire you to rally the thinker and artist in you to work together with the continuous creation of life. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Richards is the author of:

  • Centering (Wesleyan University Press 1989)
  • Imagine Inventing Yellow (Station Hill 1991)
  • Opening Our Moral Eye: Essays, Talks & Poems Embracing Creativity (Lindisfarne Press 1996)

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How to "get all your burners lit"
  • How to begin to see spirit in all realms
  • The love of opposites and how they work together
  • Learning to live with whomever happens along
  • The need for true community
  • Black Mountain College, an avant garde experiment of the 1940's
  • Life on Camphill, a biodynamic farming community of 120 souls, 40 of whom are physically and/or mentally challenged
  • The difference between organic farming and biodynamic farming
  • How money has lost it's golden luster in our lives
Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 4/15/1997      Program Number: 2626