Living Beyond the Noise with Leigh Marz and Justin Zorn

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Justin Zorn has served as a senior advisor for Policy and Strategy at the Center for Economic and Policy Research. He has also served as a meditation teacher in the U.S. Congress and is a Harvard-and-Oxford-trained specialist in the economics and psychology of wellbeing. 

Leigh Marz is a collaboration consultant and leadership coach for major universities, nonprofit coalitions, and federal agencies.

Marz and Zorn are the cofounders of Astrea Strategies whose purpose is to help businesses, nonprofits, and leaders find creative and enduring solutions in living beyond the noise.

They are the co-authors of:

  •  Golden: The Power of Silence in A World of Noise. (Harper Wave 2022)

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Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 6/30/2022   Program Number: C0560

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