Lighting Up Our Lives And Work with Cathy and Gary Hawk

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If there is a line in our life, above which we feel enlivened and energized and below which we feel drained and exhausted, where would you want to live? The Hawks share practical advice to help us live a more vibrant life in work and relationships and to create the life you truly want. In order to be more effective in our lives we must understand the three energy fields in which we live. The Hawks also encourage us to have "strategic allies" and describe the process of "peer coaching". They tell us, "We are all going to have moments where we are blinded by our own dark sides so we need strategic allies... All of us can get caught up and lose track of our dream." It is important to "have someone around who stays open to what lights us up, who knows what it is that we are energized by, someone who is there to remind us of that when we are in the midst of that monkey mind of 'I can’t do this.'" (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Cathy Hawk is founding director of Get Clarity International and Gary Hawk is Managing Director. They are experts in human energy systems and have mentored and consulted with thousands of individuals and business leaders to turn human energy into peak experience and peak performance. Cathy and Gary do this by helping their clients gain clarity of purpose, a refreshed vitality and a riveting focus on creating what’s next in their life and work. As thought and action leaders in personal transformation, the Hawks are principals in Clarity International, a consulting and leadership firm based in Colorado. Their unique Get Clarity retreats and Clarity Circles were created to provide a process where individuals and leaders can explore, refresh, invigorate, and clarify the vision of what they want to create - the vision that drives the energy and actions of them and their people. 

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How can we recognize when we are truly "lit up" in our lives
  • What is the "Clarity Attention Guide" and how can it help change our "self-talk" from draining our energy to enlivening our energy
  • How can we learn to delegate when we tend to be a "control freak"
  • What are the three fields of energy that humans access everyday
  • How can we be intentional in every circumstance we encounter in our day
  • What are "strategic allies" and why do we need them
  • What is peer coaching and how can we do it
Host: Justine Willis Toms    Interview Date: 12/2/2011     Program Number: 3421