Kickin' Back with John Smith

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Don't you just love sinking into a good song, feeling and following the story being told? This is what you get with every one of folk singer John Smith's songs. His artistry speaks for itself. "Just being real" is a prominent theme throughout all his music. And yet, to simply say that John Smith is a great singer/songwriter would not be enough - Smith possesses the even rarer gift of being able to share his soul. That gift is the foundation on which everything else about him is built, and it comes shining through in all of his music. Growing up in Dewitt, Iowa with nine brothers and sisters, he was able to nurture and appreciate a keen awareness of the value of community, and the same time, an absolute necessity for solitude. "Everybody would go out to play, and I would go sit in the rocking chair and just make up songs and sing." (hosted by Bec Kageyama)


For the past twenty years John Smith has been sharing his music with audiences all across the United States and abroad. Driving some 50,000 miles to play over 150 dates each year, he has become a favorite at coffee houses, colleges, and house concerts alike. He has served as staff songwriter for the WrenSong Music Group in Nashville, and he is a past winner of the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk award. John Smith has released four CDs to date.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How can music help you tap into the best stories of your life
  • Why the ordinary experience can become extraordinary
  • How do community, family, and good ole fashion fun translate into a song
  • What does the life a songwriter look like
  • How has folk music survived
Host: Bec Kageyama      Interview Date: 11/6/2005      Program Number: 3122