Heart To Heart with Irina Tweedie

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This is an extraordinary true-life account of one person's spiritual quest, a story at once intimate, powerful and compelling. Tweedie was born in Russia in 1907. With a background in Theosophy, she traveled to India where she met and studied with a Sufi Master. After his death in 1966, she returned to England and brought his teachings to the West. She passed away in London in 1999, and her work is being continued through The Golden Sufi Center in California. Tweedie provides a candid and inspiring account of her intensive training in an authentic spiritual tradition with a master whose methods were often difficult and disconcerting. She was the first Western woman to be trained in this ancient lineage. As her enthralling story unfolds, it is evident that much can be learned from her experience. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Irina Tweedie  (1907-1999) is the author of:

To learn more about the work of Irina Tweedie go to www.goldensufi.org/about_mrs.tweedie.html.

 Host: Michael Toms            Interview Date: 6/18/1987           Program Number: 2057