Healing Gender Oppression with Sister Lucy Kurien, Will Keepin & Chaya Pamula

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Sister Lucy Kurien is founder of Maher, which has provided refuge to more than 1400 women, half of whom would likely have been murdered, committed suicide, or starved to death. Chaya Pamula was inspired by Sister Lucy to found Sofkin, a support organization for needy children in India. Will Keepin, Ph.D. is co-director of Satyana Institute's Power of Reconciliation Project.

Will Keeping is co-author of:

To learn more about Maher go to MaherAshram.org; for Chaya Pamula go to sofkin.org; for Will Keepin go to satyana.org.

Host: Michael Toms     Interview Date: 3/22/2009      Program Number: C0111

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From Oppression Springs Safety, Community, And Hope with Sister Lucy Kurien, Will Keepin, Ph.D. & Chaya Pamula