Exploring The Intersection Between Science And Shamanism with Claude Poncelet, Ph.D.

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Poncelet is a practitioner of both physics and shamanism. He does not see a divide between these disciplines. It’s his experience that there is a spiritual dimension to reality and it is not inconsistent with the scientific view of reality. He explains that both traditions are looking at the same reality but through different windows. He takes us on a journey from our cosmic ancestors, the big bang, and shamanism to corporate boardrooms, spirit allies, cancer treatments, and the sacredness of all life. He points out that “Cosmology tells us that we all come from the same source, from the same Big Bang and we are all connected.” We’ve known the truth of this on a spiritual level and Poncelet adds, “What’s very exciting is science is saying it’s also true at a physical level. Quantum mechanics has shown us that every particle in the universe is interconnected with the other particle. It’s exciting to see that science and shamanism are coming together and telling us the same thing.” (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Claude Poncelet, Ph.D. is a physicist specializing in nuclear physics, astrophysics and cosmology who has been a professor at the university level. Dr. Poncelet served as Chief Staff Liaison on President Clinton's council on sustainable development. For more than 25 years, along with his wife, Noelle, he's taught shamanism in Europe and North America. He volunteers for the Pachamama Alliance and has led trips to the Ecuadorian Amazon for the alliance. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

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To learn more about the work of Claude Poncelet go to www.shamanwithin.net.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How an astrophysicist came in touch with Shamanism
  • What is shamanism
  • How to find the sacredness in all life including our computers, our cars, and other technology
  • What is a basic shamanic journey
  • How we are cooperating and collaborating with our spirit allies
  • How his shamanic practices have helped him with his cancer treatments
  • How he brings his shamanic practices into corporate meetings with “word doctoring”
  • What is the scientific story of the creation of the universe

Host: Justine Willis Toms     Interview Date: 9/5/2014     Program Number: 3523

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Opening Essay: Track 01 Trail of Vines
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