Effective Alternatives To Yelling At Your Children with Rona Renner, R.N.

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Rona Renner, R.N. is a registered nurse. Her extensive experience includes working in medical and psychiatric hospitals in the U.S. and training women in childbirth preparation in Zaire. She also helped to start a learning disabilities program in Pune, India, as well as providing parent education, ADHD and temperament counseling at Kaiser Permanente Health Services in Northern California. Rona was the founder and host of the call-in parenting radio show, Childhood Matters, and helped to start Nuestros Niños, the sister show in Spanish. She consults and teaches classes for mental health professionals, teachers, and parents throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. She and her husband raised four children and they have two grandchildren.

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Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 5/12/2014   Program Number: C0304

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Why Yelling Doesn’t Work And How I Can Stop It with Rona Renner, R.N.