Confronting Your Demons with Theresa Sheppard Alexander

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If you are struggling with childhood demons that continue to have a crippling effect on your adult life, or are involved in helping someone who is, this interview is a must-listen. Theresa Sheppard Alexander became a therapist after her own experiences undergoing Primal Therapy helped to liberate her from her scarred past. Her experience from both sides of the fence, as patient and therapist, gives us a unique understanding of the entire healing process of Deep Feeling Therapy, an offshoot of Primal Therapy. While there may be a current trend toward "getting over it" in respect to childhood trauma, Alexander points out that "there's a certain level of pain, trauma or disease that can't be risen above, because the wolf travels with us--everywhere we go. ... For someone with very high levels of trauma, the trauma is stored in the body." Alexander cites one of the reasons for writing her book Facing the Wolf, Inside the Process of Deep Feeling Therapy was "to help people realize what it's like to allow yourself to go into really painful events and discover that they don't have to trap you forever." Discover how to confront and release your past, thereby bringing back the capacity for joy in your future. (hosted by Jacqui Dunne.)



Theresa Sheppard Alexander is the author of:

  • Facing the Wolf, Inside the Process of Deep Feeling Therapy (Penguin 1997)

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How to overcome a fearful and/or abusive childhood
  • The difference between Deep Feeling Therapy and Primal Therapy
  • How to build trust in relationships
  • How to use your inner voice as a guide
  • How to identify the warning signs that signal the need for therapy
  • Positive alternatives to spanking--is it ever okay?
  • Is it correct (or even possible) to forgive those who've abused you?
  • How to find a good therapist
  • How to tell when you don't need therapy anymore
  • How to identify and release the pain from traumatic events stored in the body
Host: Jacqui Dunne       Interview Date: 6/26/1997        Program Number: 2642