Choosing The Future By Love with Patricia Sun

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In case you’re wondering why the world is in such a chaotic state, it is because the human race is in the midst of an evolutionary leap, says Patricia Sun. Sun, a world-renowned communications expert and lecturer has been a keen observer of this planetary unfolding for the past thirty years. She views the inherent danger of our time as an extraordinary opportunity to adopt a “new style of thinking,” one that has the power to depolarize people, and which calls us to make wholesome choices. “The choice before us is the choice between love and the end of life. When we pull together we can heal our country.” During this stressful time Sun reminds us to stay connected, to give ourselves a break and have compassion for others. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Patricia Sun graduated Phi Beta Kappa at the top two percent of her class in 3-1/2 years from the University of California, Berkeley with two degrees, one in Social Sciences: Psychology and the other in Conservation and Natural Resources. She began her work as a family counselor. Her work today concentrates directly on creative solutions: “re-creating” thought patterns and “re-perceiving” experience. She is a pioneer in describing “right-brain” thought and is considered to be a teachers’ teacher. She leads workshops and gives private consultations.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How to remain in touch with the quiet, intuitive place within
  • Discover the formula for making wholesome choices
  • Learn how to crack the pressure of the "mass collective trance"

Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 1/26/2002      Program Number: 2910