Bringing Music To Life: A Gathering Of Sound Healers with Don Campbell, Pat Moffit Cook, Layne Redmond, John Beaulieu, & Jeff Volk

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A song plays on the radio and instantly transports you back in time. The sound of a drum stirs your body into a spontaneous dance. You're anxious about a speech you have to give, and sigh to relax your body. What is it about sound, rhythm and music that affect us so powerfully? In this program, presenters from the Sixth International Sound Colloquium, held in Colorado in 1998, discuss the many ways drums, voice, and music are used to change our physical, mental, and emotional states in positive, healing ways. We hear from leading health practitioners, educators, researchers, and musicians who are transforming our relationship to sound. "Music reaches multiple levels of our mind and body simultaneously," says educator Don Campbell, "We're training people to listen differently to the music - to be more awakened in our own authenticity." (hosted by Jeff Wessman & Jeff Volk)

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How to "tune" your own body like a musical instrument
  • How indigenous sound healers cure people of physical and mental illnesses with song
  • The connection between the drum and women
  • Why Tibetan monks chant to the deceased long after the body has died
  • How to use music to achieve the "Mozart Effect"
  • How sound and matter interact
  • The importance of having times of silence
Host: Jeff Wessman & Jeff Volk      Interview Date: 8/15/1998      Program Number: 2740