Body and Soul with Gabrielle Roth

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Movement is one of the most ancient and profound ways to connect with the inner core of our being. Trance dance teacher Gabrielle Roth says, "The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body." Roth has helped thousands find the joy of bringing spirit back into the body, and the energy, power and sense of aliveness that movement can bring forth. "When you're dancing, you're unfolding, and things are being released. It's worth hours and hours of therapy." She has developed a map of rhythms that dives into the creative process, and offers ways to break out of inertia. "It's never too late," Roth says, "to wake up to the miracle of movement." (hosted by Michael Toms)


Gabrielle Roth is an internationally renowned theater director, dance teacher/explorer and co-founder of Raven Recordings with her husband Robert Ansell.

She is  the author of:

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How to discover the dancer in you
  • How dance and movement awaken your soul
  • How the split between body and spirit originated
  • Ways you sabotage your body
  • What breathing deeply does for you
  • Dance and movement as therapy
  • The five rhythms inherent in all actions
  • How to reconnect with primal knowledge
Host: Michael Toms       Interview Date: 1/21/1998       Program Number: 2704