Beyond The "Law Of Attraction" with Lisa Love, Ph.D.

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Can we really use the law of attraction to have everything we want? Should we? A few years ago, Dr. Lisa Love found herself at a crossroads, where the things she thought she wanted seemed at odds with where the universe was taking her. When she surrendered to the desires of her spirit, she found a new kind of abundance she hadn't realized she'd been yearning for. In the end she found a greater connection with spirit, and a life of service that brought new meaning to the beauty and relationships that were there all along. She explains, "When we don't have flexibility with the law of attraction, we think we know it all. We think we know what we want, we think we know how things should be, and we tell the universe, 'Do it this way. Do it that way.' And yet, if we leave that little space for uncertainty, for faith, we start to realize there's a larger story that's unfolding." Now Dr. Love has developed a system for moving beyond the law of attraction made popular by "The Secret". She encourages us to be more focused on contribution rather than consumption in order to feel more truly fulfilled. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Lisa Love, Ph.D. holds post-graduate degrees in transpersonal psychology, esoteric philosophy, spiritual psychology, and counseling. She is a counselor and coach with more than twenty-five years experience, and a relationship consultant for online and other media advisory outlets.

Dr. Love is a syndicated columnist and the author of:

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • Why some people have so much while others have so little
  • How you can move past your ego to let your soul guide your choices
  • Why your feelings may stop you from attracting good things to your life
  • When feeling depressed might be a good thing
  • How you can tell whether the voice you hear is your ego or your soul
Host: Justine Willis Toms      Interview Date: 11/29/2007      Program Number: 3228