Angels: Where Science Fears To Tread with Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. & Father Matthew Fox, Ph.D.

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This stimulating discussion with Rupert Sheldrake and Matthew Fox, two visionary pioneers of modern science and theology, will transform how you think about the most popular of all spiritual beings, angels. As they say, the study of the Christian mystics led Fox and Sheldrake to “the most startling part of our research” which was “to discover how Aquinas’ discussion on angels practically parallels today’s discussion upon physics…Angels are great beings,” not just, “bare bottomed cherubs that you want to pinch.” Fox and Sheldrake explore the new cosmology that the universe is a living, developing organism, and they raise the intriguing possibility that angels play a role in the actual governing of the universe itself. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Rupert Sheldrake studied natural sciences at Cambridge and philosophy at Harvard, took a Ph.D. in biochemistry at Cambridge and is the author of more than eighty scientific papers. Dr. Sheldrake is perhaps best known for his morphic field theory, which takes a fresh look at memory, habit, instinct and heredity as well as phenomena such as telepathy - aspects of human experience that are unexplained in terms of current physics.

He's the author of several books including:

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Father Matthew Fox is a priest and was a member of the Dominican Order of the Catholic Church for thirty-four years. For speaking out on women’s rights, gay rights, and Native American rights, he was silenced for a year and later expelled from the Dominican Order under the papacies of John Paul II and Benedict XVI. He then joined the Episcopal Church to work with young people to create postmodern forms of ritual and worship known as the “Cosmic Mass” that incorporates dance, DJ, VJ, rap, and other postmodern art forms. He is the co-founder of the Order of the Sacred Earth and, since Mother’s day 2019, has offered free daily meditations. He holds a doctorate in History and Theology of Spirituality and is founder of the University of Creation Spirituality.

Dr. Fox is the author of more than thirty books including:

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • Why angels are so popular today
  • How modern physics parallels and transforms our conception of angels
  • How the split between science and spirit came about, and how the two are being reconnected
  • What is the importance of wonder and awe in scientific study
  • What is the quest for the animate
  • Why we need darkness as well as light
  • How ‘The Enlightenment" has left us in the dark
  • How our ego narrows and colors our discoveries and visions

Host: Michael Toms         Interview Date: 10/7/1996          Program Number: 2593

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