New Dimensions Vision of the Future: Jean Houston Interviews Michael Toms

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Since 1973, New Dimensions Radio has presented an ongoing history of the future. As we enter the new millennium, and in celebration of twenty-seven years of consistent quality in broadcasting, we bring you an interview conducted by visionary philosopher, Jean Houston with Michael Toms, co-founder, executive producer, and acclaimed host of New Dimensions. Toms talks about how he came to be an interviewer and how he continues to feed his search for knowledge and wisdom. He gives you his personal viewpoint of what New Dimensions is all about, including a rare behind the scenes view, as well as future plans. He stresses the importance of "inner work, which determines how you live your outer life." He talks about getting out of the problem box and into the "limitless field of possibilities," where you can discover for yourself the contribution to the world you are here to make: "The planet is going to take care of itself. The challenge we have is how long is humanity going to be here? And what kind of humanity is going to be here?" You'll hear remarkable stories about individual lives which have been transformed through the simple act of listening to a New Dimensions program. You'll learn about guests who have had a central role in changing society. And you'll learn how you can become a part of "New Dimensions 2000" and help transform the media from a "consciousness that exists on an Olympian level of trivia," to one of empowering knowledge that focuses on improving ourselves and our world from the inside out. (hosted by Jean Houston)


Michael Toms was the cofounder, with Justine Willis Toms, of New Dimensions Radio. He was an adjunct professor of the Union Graduate School, and Chairman Emeritus of the California Institute of Integral Studies.

He is the author of:

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • The wildest interview New Dimensions ever did
  • The impact New Dimensions has had on social movements
  • Simple things you can do to help create a better world
  • How you can help transform American media
  • The difference between meaning and happiness
  • Mentors who have impacted Toms' life
  • Important distinctions between radio and television
  • How radio affects the mind
  • New Dimensions' plans for contributing to the future of our society--our young people
  • The two technologies that have dramatically altered American life
  • How communications media determine our world view
Host: Jean Houston      Interview Date: 10/30/1999      Program Number: 2800