Are You “One of a Kindness™”? with Lindsay Andreotti

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Lindsay Andreotti is the founder of several companies and has held leadership positions in small and large organizations, including government, nonprofit, and Fortune 500 companies. For many years she served as an organizational development coach, business transformation consultant, and executive coach. She believes that when you are authentic and in your brilliance, you can achieve anything. She's the founder and host of The Kindness Club. 

She's the author (with co-author, Brian Hilgendorf) of: 

  • Sex, Intimacy and Business: A Revolution Has Begun And It's Time To Get Undressed (Brilliance Press 2005) 

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Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 9/5/2022   Program Number: C0567

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Spreading the Positive Virus of Kindness with Lindsay Andreotti