Boost Your Joy With The Help Of Technology, Gadgets, And Cognitive Enhancers with Jonathan Robinson

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Technology can enhance our lives or it can detract from our good health and well-being. The wise use of the tools of technology, gadgets, cognitive enhancers and supplements, may help us to have more peace, love and joy in our lives, supporting us to create a better and more sustainable world or technology can become “gadgets of mass distraction." Here we look at some criteria that can help us discern which of these will enhance our lives and which we should avoid. Robinson makes a distinction between technologies that train you and those that are more addictive. For example, “Video games are very addictive, but there are now some video games and virtual reality games that actually train you to get over fears or train you to get over depression and they seem to be very effective at doing that.” Robinson’s advice is to use the technology that actually opens our heart, that makes us feel peaceful, and connects us more deeply with each other. Here he gives us some reviews on what he has found that elevates his own well-being. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Jonathan Robinson is a psychotherapist, workshop leader and keynote speaker. His work has been translated into 47 languages. He’s made numerous appearances on the Oprah show, CNN and many other national TV shows. Robinson has spent over 35 years studying the most practical and powerful methods for personal and professional development.

He’s the author of many books including:

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How the technology for happiness and joy is exploding exponentially
  • The criteria for finding what is useful and what to avoid
  • What is a Peace Chair
  • How some technologies are addictive
  • How using video games can help someone to overcome PTSD
  • Two questions that will boost your happiness level
  • What is the tolerance level that makes a supplement lose its effect over time
  • What is a “gratitude visit”
  • What are the up side and the down side of virtual reality
  • What are some questions we can ask about whether technology is good for us
  • What was the magic mantra he learned from a guru in India

Host: Justine Willis Toms        Interview Date: 8/13/2016        Program Number: 3588

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