Effective Leadership Skills: A Lifelong Practice with Marguerite Moore Callaway

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Our lives are filled with moments when we are asked to step into the role of leadership. Skillful leadership is needed in all aspects of our everyday lives and is not exclusive to a business environment. Being skilled at leadership includes self-discipline, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. Whether or not we’re employed full-time, these skills continue to be needed to enhance our effectiveness whether we’re running a household, participating in a church group, belonging to an activist group in your community, or the many other groups in which we participate. We all need to be lifelong learners in developing strong and effective leadership and problem-solving skills as we continue to engage with others. Callaway says, Part of the goal of a leader is literally to help cultivate and bring forward the innate capacities of the people around them.” She encourages us to cultivate self-awareness and emotional intelligence so that we can express the kind of excellence that society is needing now. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms) 


Marguerite Callaway is the founder and CEO of the Callaway Leadership Institute, an international leadership development and strategy company whose mission is to help current and aspiring leaders reach their full potential. 

Marguerite Callaway is the author of: 

  • The Energetics of Business: A Practical Guide for Bringing Your Business to Life (Lincoln Park Productions 2006) 

To learn more about the work of Marguerite Callaway go to www.callawayleadership.com 

Topics explored in this dialogue include: 

  • What is the difference between constructive and destructive leadership
  • Why leadership is an inside out job and self-awareness is the starting point
  • What is the difference in the styles in group participation for extroverts and introverts
  • Advice for good leadership is to recognize the talents and capacities of those in the group
  • How good leaders avoid a fixed mindset and cultivate a growth mindset
  • How neuroplasticity can retrain our minds
  • How making honest assessments of people is not judging them
  • How empathy is a core quality for skillful leadership and leads to emotional intelligence
  • How good leaders need social awareness
  • How inclusivity needs an environment of belonging
  • Good leaders help the group to feel psychologically safe in a meeting which leads to creative solutions
  • What is the difference between complicated problems and complex ones 

Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 12/20/2023   Program Number: 3805

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