Sacred Activism for Mother Earth with Cynthia Jurs

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There is an ancient Tibetan practice of Earth Treasure Vases. These clay vases are created and empowered to bring healing, stabilization, and immeasurable blessings when they are ceremonially buried in the earth. Cynthia Jurs was given her life assignment by Charok Rinpoche, a 106-year-old lama living in a cave in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. Little did she know at the time that this would launch her on a 30-year worldwide trek to bury these precious vases in diverse and distressed places on the planet. These vases are activators of Gaia acupuncture meridians and set in motion healing on many levels: socially, physically, and spiritually. This practice for Jurs is deeply rooted in the feminine, honoring indigenous traditions, and the teachings of an embodied, engaged, sacred activism dedicated to global healing and collective awakening. Here she describes her journey to a diversity of communities as indigenous peoples, elders, and activists joined her in a commitment to steward and heal Gaia, Mother Earth. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)





Cynthia Jurs is a Dharmacharya in the Order of Interbeing of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. In 2018, she was made an Honorary Lama in recognition of her dedication in the practice of Earth Treasure Vases and her commitment in relationship with elders, activists, and diverse communities to ceremonially bury the clay vases all around the planet in service to Gaia. Jurs offers monthly full moon meditations, retreats, and pilgrimages through the Gaia Mandala Global Healing Community.


She’s the author of:


  • Summoned by the Earth: Becoming a Holy Vessel for Healing Our World (Prospecta Press 2024)


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Topics explored in this dialogue include:


  • What was the assignment that a 106-year-old lama in Nepal gave to Jurs
  • What was Jurs intention and motivation for the distribution of Earth Treasure Vases around the Earth
  • How were the vases empowered with potent offerings, medicines, and sacred relics
  • Jurs describes the trek to the upper reaches of the Ganges as one of the locations for burying an Earth Treasure Vase 
  • To be a vessel for healing one must listen with the heart for guidance 
  • What is Sacred Time as exemplified by Thich Nhat Hanh
  • How the Buddha summoned Mother Earth when he was tempted by Mara (king of the demons)
  • How Earth itself is our greatest teacher on whom we rely for our very lives
  • How this is a time for a collective opportunity to wake up in relationship to the Earth and each other
  • How Mother Earth saved Jurs from falling thousands of feet down a mountain in Nepal
  • How Thich Nhat Hanh said the next Buddha will be a sangha and it will be a global commitment to awaken


Host: Justine Willis Toms    Interview Date: 5/24/2024   Program Number: 3818

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