The Bounty Of A Generous Heart with Andrew Bienkowski

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Andrew Bienkowski grew up in Siberia, his family exiled by the Communist regime. In a life that began with nothing, living on soup made from discarded potato peelings, he learned that true wealth and happiness come from giving, and made his way observing the true value of gratitude, forgiveness, and understanding. With great humility and a smile, he weaves his plainspoken wisdom with stories of survival and relationship, and the reminder that the things that really matter are available to each of us, every hour of every day and, of course, even the darkest days have their treasures to offer. As Mr. Bienkowski explains, “It’s easy to be grateful for those things that are good. It’s the very difficult, painful, awful experiences that are probably the most valuable because they teach us the most important lessons.” He says, “We place too much emphasis in this culture on materialism, material possessions. When I look back on seventy-five years of my life, I can remember so many wealthy people who were very unhappy, and so many very poor people who were very happy.” Spend an hour with this simple, quietly joyful, peaceful man, and you’ll discover a renewed understanding of the beauty and bounty in your own life—just as it is. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Andrew Bienkowski, M.S. worked as a clinical psychologist for forty years, often connecting with institutionalized patients previously deemed hopeless. Since his retirement, he has continued to work as a teacher, lecturer, and hospice caregiver. He is the author of:

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What you need to let go of in order to become more loving
  • The single most valuable thing you can do for someone who is in trouble
  • Why fear is harmful
  • How you can turn your ability to listen into an ability to heal
  • What your loved ones need from you more than anything else

Host: Michael Toms          Interview Date:    3/24/2010          Program Number: 3350

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Artist: Georgia Kelly & Steven Kindler
1987 Out Front Music #OFM 1010

Opening Essay: Track 09 Pastorale d'eté by Arthur Honegger
Music Break 1: Track 01 Sicilienne by Eric Satie
Music Break 2: Track 05 Gnossienne #2 by Eric Satie
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