Our Multiplicity of Selves with James Fadiman, Ph.D. and Jordan Gruber, J.D.

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What is the dynamic nature of personality? Do each of us consist of distinct, autonomous, and inherently valuable selves? Are we an unruly republic of independent entities, a multiplicity of selves? In this dialogue we explore how we discover, honor, and work with each of these selves. Fadiman and Gruber describe the benefits of being in the right mind at the right time. “We like to say that you want to learn how to shift consciously and proactively into a better self rather than being triggered. An example is: If you're about to have the same argument you always have with your friend or partner…It's not going to work. You can feel yourself rising into the self that wants to grapple confrontationally but if you know that that's a real part of you but you don't have to give it sway right now, you can shift into a kinder self. Your life will be a lot better.” In this dialogue you’ll discover how awareness heals as we become aware of the reality of our own selves and the selves of others. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms) 


James Fadiman, Ph.D. is a former president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a Professor of Psychology, and one of the foremost researchers in microdosing studies. He’s the cofounder of the Sofia University, rooted in transforming the transpersonal, and has been researching healthy multiplicity for more than 20 years.

He's the author of many books including:

  • The Psychedelic Explorers Guide (Park Street Press 2011)
  • Be All That You Are (Westlake Press 1986)
  • Unlimit Your Life (Celestial Arts 1989)
  • Essential Sufism (Robert Frager) (HarperOne 1999)
  • The Other Side of Haight: A Novel (Celestial Arts 2001)
  • Your Symphony of Selves: Discover and Understand More of Who We Are (coauthor Jordan Gruber J.D.) (Park Street Press 2020) 

To learn more about James Fadiman go to www.jamesfadiman.com

Jordan Gruber was awarded a J.D., Juris Doctor degree, and has forged and sculpted authoritative volumes in forensic law, financial services and self development. He founded the enlightenment.com website.

Jordan Gruber is the author of: 

  • The Bounce: The Complete SuperBound® Guidebook to 21st-Century Rebound Exercise (coauthor Joy Daniels) (SuperBound 2020)
  • Your Symphony of Selves: Discover and Understand More of Who We Are (coauthor James Fadiman, Ph.D.) (Park Street Press 2020) 

To learn more about Jordan Gruber go to www.jordangruber.com

Topics explored in this dialogue include: 

  • What is the predominate idea in psychology labeled the single self assumption
  • Where do the multiplicity of selves come from
  • How do we distinguish these separate selves and what are some examples
  • What it means to be in the right mind at the right time
  • What can we do when we are in our angry self
  • What it means to shift physiologically and how our physical systems take on a different configuration with a different self
  • It is hard to talk therapy ourselves out of addiction because the addicted self isn’t the one that shows up for therapy
  • What are some of the many aspects of multiple selves: physiological, neurological, chemical hormonal patterns, handwriting changes, and more
  • Why there is no central conductor of our multiplicity of selves with the example of Navy SEALS training
  • What are some metaphors that help to see more clearly the truth of multiple selves
  • How might we call upon the best self for a particular task
  • How understanding our own multiplicity of selves helps us work with the inconsistencies of others
  • What Gruber and Fadiman have to say about AR, augmented reality, VR, virtual reality, and Facebook
  • How awareness heals as we become aware of the reality of our own selves and the selves of others 

Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 9/14/2020   Program Number: 3711

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