Wisdom For A Global Tribe with Alan Briskin

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In an uprising of collective wisdom in 2008, the American electorate upended the political paradigm to elect a President who stood for hope, change, and the ideals of a progressive agenda. Is there a way to identify the principles that allowed that process to unfold, and apply them to further the social change inherent in those ideals? Alan Briskin believes there is, and he has a deep reverence for the wisdom that can emerge when individuals come together for a common purpose, even—or especially—when those individuals bring divergent viewpoints to the table. He sees it as a key to the evolution of a new way of relating to one another, as we face the imminent crises of our time, and most importantly, when we must work together in service to those who are not of our own tribe. He explains, “The collective wisdom suggests that we become mindful of our own behavior in groups, and that groups are the unit by which we can create change. So notions of suspending our uncertainty, notions of respect for others, for being patient with the dissonance we may feel with those we disagree with, become disciplines and practices of collective wisdom.” His subtle but powerful message offers a blueprint for how we can create working relationships that optimize our ability to act wisely and effectively, “so that our children and grandchildren have a place that is inhabitable.” (hosted by Michael Toms)


Alan Briskin is a pioneer in the field of organizational learning and cofounder of the Collective Wisdom Initiative.

His books include:

To learn more about the work of Alan Briskin go to www.ThePowerOfCollectiveWisdom.com.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How you can use both science and mystery in the service of wisdom
  • What practices your group can use to create the conditions for wisdom to arise
  • Why disagreement within a group can be the catalyst for deeper wisdom
  • How you can discern the impact of your decisions on generations to come
  • Why community is important in these times

Host: Michael Toms   Interview Date: 2/5/2010   Program Number: 3342

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