Time, Myth And The Artist's Way with Bokara Legendre

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The thin membrane through which artists birth poems, sculpture, images and sound is like the membrane through which spirit manifests. One might ask, "Is the realm of the spiritually attuned artist much different than that of the shaman?" Like the wounded healer, artists often appear to hover around the gates of heaven as well as the gates of hell. They are point riders exploring uncharted territory for rest of us. Often it is the rituals that accompany their art that secures the transpersonal passport to travel between the worlds. "Ritual connects you to all history," says Legendre, "As I light this candle, it isn't that I'm just mimicking all the candles or all the fires that have ever been lit; It is that I'm actually connecting with them." (hosted by Neil Harvey)


Bokara Legendre is an artist, writer, and performer. She has performed her monologues in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, and often tells stories at The Moth, a moveable theater feast in New York City. She has had exhibitions of her paintings in New York City and San Francisco. Also, she has been a reporter for the New York Times and has launched a television series of reflections on mind and spirit.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How to use ritual as the bridge into mythic time
  • What is art making and how does it connect to prophecy
  • How the art making process relates to the search for meaning
  • Why artists are as important as scientists
  • What the one quality necessary for a woman to break into the media
  • How the oasis of artist and writer retreats can enhance creativity
Host: Neil Harvey      Interview Date: 6/14/2004       Program Number 3063