Thomas Merton The Man with Ron Seitz

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In late 1993, Michael Toms made a "pilgrimage" to the hermitage of Thomas Merton at the Gethsemani Abbey in Kentucky. This is a recording of his visit with Ron Seitz, who was a young poet when he befriended and was mentored by Merton. Here Seitz offers memories and insight from the life of the brilliant Trappist monk, spiritual teacher, and author of many books including the classic, Seven Storey Mountain. Drawing on voluminous personal recollections and journal notes, Seitz gives us a fresh view of little-known sides of Merton as a "man in the modern world" - an uncommonly human person with deeply felt joy, loneliness, sensuality and humor. Just hearing about this extraordinary man's life makes you feel grateful to be alive. (hosted by Michael Toms)


The late Ron Seitz was the author of:

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • Who was Thomas Merton as a poet and political writer
  • What were Merton's opinions of Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and Lenny Bruce
  • Who was the epicurean Merton who loved jazz music, beer, and laughter
  • What was his controversial relationship with a nurse in a local hospital
  • What were the shifts in Merton's thinking and writing throughout his life
  • What was Merton's marvelous advice to Seitz about writing and expressing life

Host: Michael Toms                 Interview Date: 12/8/1993            Program Number: 2448

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