The Wonders Of Living Simply with Toinette Lippe

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There is nothing more enjoyable than losing yourself in a good book. We see one on a shelf and we are drawn to read it. What makes us reach for that particular book? In this charming conversation between two old friends, Toinette Lippe gives us a glimpse into the art of publishing a beautiful book, and what it takes to put it on the shelf. After working thirty-five years as an editor for a large publishing house, Lippe embarked on the journey of writing her own book. She tells how she was called to look at what really mattered to her and whether or not she was living authentically. As her story unfolds, and as she shares her experiences and her wisdom, one feels the depth of her character. A child of World War II, and influenced by eastern philosophy, Lippe is a natural ecologist who believes there is enough of everything on the earth to go around, that the whole earth is a cornucopia. "If you acknowledge that there is enough for everybody, then you don’t have to hold on to everything in case you might need it, the way most of us do with things we haven’t used for twenty years." (hosted by Michael Toms)


Toinette Lippe was former Director of reprint rights and senior editor for over three decades with Alfred Knopf Publishers and founded Bell Tower, an imprint of Crown/Harmony. She has now retired from publishing and has taken up Chinese brush painting and offers a selection of her exquisite cards and prints on her website.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What is the importance of letting go
  • How silence can enable you to live more fully
  • How to be satisfied with what there is
  • How to live life in a way that matters
  • How clearing our minds of clutter can create space for new possibilities
Host: Michael Toms       Interview Date: 5/28/2002       Program Number: 2941